Mediation makes it possible for you to resolve conflicts through mutual agreement in a way that allows you to find your own lasting solutions. We create the conditions and framework that allow you to deal with your conflicts effectively through a constructive process. Compared to a lawsuit, mediation saves time and money.

We offer mediation:

  • within and between groups and projects
  • within and between companies and organisations
  • for schools and social services
  • for families and partnerships
  • in neighbourhoods and communities

We have extensive experience of working in Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as intercultural qualifications. Therefore, one of our priorities is conflict management in different cultural contexts whether in Germany or elsewhere. We offer mediation services in German, English and Spanish.


As impartial mediators, we help you ... openly express your concerns, listen to each other
…to develop mutually acceptable solutions.

The complexity of the problem, the range of topics, the number of people involved, the intensity of conflict and the willingness of stakeholders concerned to co-operate determine the scope and duration of a mediation.

These factors also influence the cost, which we are happy to discuss with you in a telephone conversation or a meeting.