About us

Every day – at home, at the work place, in a public space or at international level between countries and institutions – decisions have to be taken and differences between people arise. Resulting conflicts could be positive in the sense that they create the opportunity for those involved to better understand themselves and the others involved and to break new ground while working on their decisions or differences.

At megem, we trust that decisions are easier taken and conflicts are better resolved when those involved have access to a space where they can be heard and recognised. We want to understand and acknowledge the motives behind the actions and thoughts of all parties in the conflict.

Through our facilitative support, we help in finding solutions that are beneficial all those involved. We believe that dealing with differences and diversity in a constructive manner and finding ways forward bears potentials for innovative change.

We are a team of trained and certified mediators and intercultural trainers with professional experiences in various parts of the world. The techniques of mediation, facilitation, Open Space Technology and interest-based communication that we use, also provide a solid basis for conducting trainings, generation of successful dialogues, holding consultation meetings, and for negotiating and facilitating consensus.